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MailX is the new form of communication of your E-mail system, faster and dynamic, directly on your phone without the force of the connection, one application does it all and also supports multiple account E-mail.

With his strong engine MailX will be installed in background and automatically retrieve mails by pushing or polling method directly into the folder of your messaging client.
5 minutes and you can GO!! This is exactly the time needed to configure MailX to work as a pushing or polling mode directly with your E-.mail accounts configured from your Communicator.
Stay connected and always on push E-mail client will arrive to you in a snap. Instantly access your Corporate E-mail thought your business Communicator phones. MailX allows you to automatically retrieve mails from your account and be notified when the mails is in the folder of your phone.
The application uses a MailX server to reduce the cost of the bandwidth of the checking for new mails directly from the phone saving money and time on the connections.
Save money MailX will download your messages’ headers or attachment (defined into your messaging system) locally on the phone and you will be notified on their arrival.
Multiple accounts With the subscription of the services for one year you will get the possibilities to setup as many accounts as you want defined into your messaging standard client.
Transparent MailX does not use any extra messaging client to store the mail, just the standard of your phone so you do not have to sync or move E-mail anymore.
Secure 128 bit encryption Arc four ciphering enabled on the protocols between client and MailX servers.
Multiple connections MailX can be used in Bluetooth mode, Wi-Fi or GPRS or Edge connections you choose the connection or let the connection will be chosen by default.
You got mail!! Yes this is one of the thousand ring tones predefined to the phone configurable in MailX to notify your mail into your mailbox.
Boot your MailX when you turn on device You can automatically force the connection to start immediately without asking you if you want to connect and automatically starts when you boot up your mobile phone.
Working hours You can select the intervals when the MailX must be retrieving E-mails, that can be for a period of time or full time always.
Profiles MailX automatically recognizes the profiles, so if your profile is switched to silent, MailX automatically sets the notification to silent and when you come back to General settings you will be notify again automatically.
Save money in future updates: MailX is a subscription services for 12 months and this will include the subscriptions of the service plus all the new updates of the application (future features) , MailX can be also moved from a device to another in very few steps without register the application again.


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