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This app will let you make Backup and Restore on any OTG USB of all the data of your multiple devices..

To let the application work you should have buy a USB OTG compatible. Please try the application for FREE before you buy it.


1. Backup & Restore on multiple devices.
2. Partial daily Backup.
3. Backup & Restore Images.
4. Backup & Restore Music.
5. Backup & Restore Video.
6. Backup & Restore Contact.
7. Backup & Restore Calendar.
8. Backup & Restore Call log.
9. Backup & Restore SMS
10 Backup & Restore MMS
11 3. Backup & Restore Whatsapp messages & multimedia.

NB. To make a right restore of the whatsapp data you should first restore the backup from USB to the smartphone and then install the app later after restore is done.. To make the backup on the USB make sure you have done a backup internally into the option of whatsapp Application under settings..