Case history
As third party
Full memory card installation for the Vodafone 360 project.
Developed for: Vodafone Global / Sandisk

Bitween in collaboration with Kiver S.P.A. and Sandisk developed a custom software preinstalled on memory card that let you customize automatically the device , conifguring all the aspect of the phone usiing the following technologies:

- Automatic startup of the memory card onc einserted in the phone with checking of the version already installed.
- customization of the APN for different country.
- Auto recognizing the SIM card , Phone model, country region and language region.
- Customization of the root folders with custom icons, customization of the application folder.
- Silent installation of the application downloaded with automatic checking of the version silently.

In general the scope of the project is to integrate one single installation who will handle the full integration with all the installation file provided by Vodafone and also have a nice look&feel meanwhile the application itself debrand the phone and customize it for the new operator 8in this case vodafone) automatically without any manual configuration.

Case history