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Kroco Gems HD

Kroco Gems is a game based on the Grandfather of all block-dropping games, Tetris. However, Bitweenexpanded on an already great idea by developing their own unique game engine called Tettix that is a very fast game engine allowing for very complex logic, heavy 2D graphics all while loading fast.
This block dropping game, plays with a twist, literally that requires users to solve the block puzzles on each level with already filled game boards of various types of blocks.

Played in portrait orientation, Kroco Gems uses a game board grid 10 squares wide by 14 squares high. Each colored block is composed of 1, 2, 3, or 4 squares, and each square contains a single gemstone. Blocks containing 4 squares can have various shapes, such as: O, S, Z, or T. Blocks containing 3 squares can also have various shapes, such as: I or L. Players can move blocks left or right, or they can rotate blocks clockwise or counter clockwise. After being moved or rotated, the blocks fall into a new position. Creating a line or row of 10 contiguous squares horizontally, destroys the line.

Players must destroy as many lines as quickly as possible to gain the highest score and bring the large gem at the top of the stack to the bottom, allowing the Krocos to eat it. Each level is timed in Story mode as well as Classic game mode and once Story mode has been completed all difficulty modes will be unlocked in Classic mode. Kroco Gems is Apple Game Center enabled for leader board scoring and achievements and is available on the iTunes App Store for download.